“Smells like opportunity here.”
Calista Romero stuck her fork into her freshly made oatmeal, excited to eat her first meal on her new property. She inherited the house – an oversized loft complete with a basement and two living rooms – from a family member she never even met; but she wasn’t one to complain about receiving gifts. It was a custom-built, modern home in a neighborhood that wasn’t as gorgeous, but Calista accepted it, regardless: a home is a home, and she needed one. She was seeking a fresh new start, in a brand new town, to continue with her career.

Calista was a fashion blogger. She spent days and nights exploring towns, venues, streets and festivals, looking for all sorts of fashion trends, “do’s & don’t’s”, advice from the beautiful and tips from the desperate. She interviewed famous celebrities from time to time, was sent phenomenal pieces of clothing and shoes to test out for large luxury brands, basically traveled for free no matter where she went, and got to hear about fashion shows – and invitations – before anyone else. Calista lived the good life, and she knew it; but she was in search of something new and different.

The town she used to live in – which will remain undisclosed – was losing its trendiness, and so of course, it was time for Calista to move on. When she got the call that her relative was passing down a beautiful property on the outskirts of Sims City – near the vibrant and amazing San Myshuno, oh my! – she jumped on the occasion, packed all her things and moved. The name of her neighborhood? Forgotten Hollow.

Calista was always invited to food and wine pairings at big restaurants; although she was specialized in fashion, many restauranteurs valued her opinion on good nutrition and drinks as well. She’d never pass up an opportunity for free food, so she loved these special occasions and would dress up in her newest dresses to enjoy her solo outing.
“Forgotten Hollow?” she wondered at first, having never heard of the neighborhood she was considering a move to. The real estate agent who eventually called her about her recently acquired property explained that it was an area that was new – although it had a truly old time feel about it. “The location is in demand, or at least it will be,” insisted the woman, that Calista never even remembered the name of. She signed paperwork and drove to her new home in Forgotten Hollow without any further hesitation.

Calista didn’t pay too much attention to her surroundings during the few days of her moving. She was too busy arranging furniture around, organizing her massive closet and decorating her new home to notice the neighborhood she was now a citizen of.
But when she finally did get out to explore, her surprises began at her back door: a creepy and strange bridge was just behind her house, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to know where it lead. “This place is a bit on the creepy side, isn’t it?” she said out loud. And although she was alone, at that specific moment, she could have sworn someone answered “yes”.

She dared to venture to the other side of her house and was greeted with more creepy sights: bats! I’m not squeamish, but ew, she thought as she quietly walked away from the bat-infested area. Luckily, she couldn’t hear the nightly animals making sounds inside of her house; and she made sure her curtains were shut at all times, not wanting to risk seeing any more scary creatures wandering – or flying – around her home. What have I gotten myself into?

Calista’s first official night in her new house was a bit traumatizing; she felt like there was a strange aura of mystery surrounding her and her new place, and it made her uncomfortable. She hadn’t met any of her neighbors – and she honestly wasn’t even sure she had any – and had yet to bump into anyone friendly in the area. Did I make the right decision to come here? she wondered throughout the night.
Thankfully, the next morning, she was able to find peace in her beautiful closet full of fashion masterpieces and unique items of clothing. Just walking past her gorgeous shoe collection helped her remember her main goal: target a new area for fashion advice and meet new people to write about in her blog.

And of course, another thing that put her in a good mood: eating. Calista seriously loved food, and truly enjoyed cooking as well. In her fantastic and modern new kitchen she found solace, breaking eggs into a pan and tossing in various ingredients to make a delicious omelet. To her, there was nothing better than a good meal to start the day with a smile; except maybe for a perfect pair of high heels.

“I just need to walk outside and meet people,” she repeated to herself after showering and covering her face in fresh makeup. “I just need to gather information, encounter the right people to guide me to the right places. Places where I can find fashion. I’m sure it’s around here somewhere,” she said to her reflection, coaching herself to get started on her daily routine. She usually never needed such a push; but Forgotten Hollow felt so… forgotten. She wasn’t sure how the town acted or if they even cared about fashion. “Now is the time to find out.”

Calista Romero was ready to exit the comfort of her home and walk through the bats, heading to the main square where she hopes to find activity. “You can do this. You’re strong and powerful. You’ve built an empire on fashion and it’s not falling down today. Not here.”

She dashed past the bats – who were actively flying about – and made her way into the square. She noticed a figure from afar – and it was definitely a human. A person! My first encounter with a townie from Forgotten Hollow! Calista waved and with a smile, she approached the woman walking by. “Hello, I’m new in town. My name is Calista,” she said sweetly. The woman didn’t smile back, nor did she say anything at all; yet she didn’t seem to be dismissing Calista. “I, uh… I was wondering, do you like fashion? Do you shop often? Where are the best stores? Where did you get your shirt?” questioned Calista, unable to stop herself. The lady shrugged with an empty face. “This thing? Uh, I got it at the good ‘ol flea market, that’s my favorite place to shop,” she said, and she marched away without another word. Calista froze, unsure what to think.

The flea market?! Calista took a deep breath. “There’s no need to panic. No need to give up. She was just one anti-fashion person, that doesn’t mean they’re all like that here, right?” she spoke out loud, once again trying to coach herself. She breathed in and smiled, hoping another person would come around soon.

Sure enough, a man appeared, walking right through the middle of the square. He waved first, attracting Calista’s attention. “You new around here?” he asked politely. Calista nodded. “I am. I’m a fashion blogger. My name is Calista,” she answered, trying not to sound completely lost and desperate. The man chuckled. “A fashionista in Forgotten Hollow, huh? You’re definitely not in the right place, honey,” he replied, sounding a little condescending. Calista shrugged. “Well, I live here. I inherited a beautiful house, that one over there,” she explained, pointing over at her house. The man raised his eyebrows. “Oh yeah, I know that one. But I still think you’re in the wrong part of town. Forgotten Hollow is dead. You’ll want to check out Newcrest, Windenburg, Willow Creek and of course, San Myshuno. Those are all fashionista neighborhoods. But not here, sweetie,” insisted the man, waving again and leaving. Dead? I live in a dead neighborhood?

Upset by her discovery, Calista returned home. She didn’t even run past the bats – she just wandered slowly, absorbing the news: Forgotten Hollow is dead. She, the queen of fashion, had moved into a dreadfully fashion deprived area; and the house was hers, meaning it would be a drag to sell it. Especially in this part of town. She shrugged; her new life wasn’t starting out so well.

Calista shook herself; pull it together, girl! It’s not the end of the world! She got on her computer and researched the four neighborhoods that the stranger in the square told her about: and she was pleased to find out that they were all within a few minutes from Forgotten Hollow. I just need to visit THESE places instead, she realized. She put her hands together and smiled, knowing that she needed to be positive and patient: soon enough, she’d meet the princesses of fashion in Sims City, and she’d be able to update her blog with amazing facts and cool places to visit. You are Calista Romero, queen of fashion: never give up!