Despite trying her hardest to sleep away her concerns, Calista couldn’t get her mind to shut off and her body wouldn’t settle. You’re not ready. The words kept repeating in her head, and the image of Caleb frowning at her wouldn’t stop running around in her mind.
She desperately tried to ignore her brain, but she couldn’t. I need to know, she thought, as she stood up and put her clothes back on. She knew vampires usually slept during the day; and daylight would be creeping up soon, so she needed to hurry. She had to go see Caleb to understand what he was referring to.
Before long she was standing in front of her vampire neighbor’s house, hesitant to knock on the door but knowing that she needed to be brave and get the answers that would put her mind at ease.

She finally gulped, and stepped up to the door. Lilith answered, and she seemed to know exactly why Calista was there. “Go wait for him in the living room,” she said simply, as Calista obeyed and settled uncomfortably on one of the couches.
Minutes later, Caleb arrived, handsome and elegant as ever, looking as if he hadn’t seen Calista in ages. “And what brings you here so late at night, darling?” he asked innocently as he sat down next to Calista. She fiddled with her fingers and found it difficult to begin the conversation. “Caleb… the way you left things this evening… it made me uncomfortable. I had to come see you. I can’t sleep,” she began, as Caleb nodded, his eyes sparkling in the dim light of the room. Calista pursed her lips. “I can’t get you out of my head, and after tonight it’s gotten even worse. What is happening? What did you mean? What am I not ready for?” she insisted. Her body was shaking, probably from sleep deprivation, and she wished she wasn’t sitting next to Caleb right now, confessing her thoughts. Caleb rubbed his chin. “You’re not ready for the truth, Calista. And trust me, it’s a big truth,” he admitted, making Calista even more uncomfortable.

Calista took a deep breath, her heart beating faster and faster as Caleb’s voice repeated in her head. “What truth? Could you just stop being so cryptic and be upfront with me? What truth am I not ready to hear?” she demanded, her fingers still fumbling and trembling. Caleb sighed. “You’re drawn to me for a reason, Calista. I didn’t think it was possible, but it is: we’re soulmates. Legitimate, true soulmates. That’s why your body reacts the way it does around me, and why I can read you so easily. We’re bonded,” he started, as Calista’s face widened in surprise. She tried not to gasp, suddenly remembering the weird guru guy from nights before and his predictions on her love life. She blinked. “That’s your big truth? That we’re magically meant to be? Are you friends with the guru from the love festival, are you two in cahoots or something?” she questioned, almost feeling anger creeping up inside of her. Caleb shook his head. “I know no guru. I only know my instincts and my powers; and both are pointing towards you. My sister and I both felt it when you moved in, and we were waiting to meet you to be sure: you’re my girl. You’re my promised one,” he stated. Calista gulped loudly.

Promised one? Calista was confused; if Caleb didn’t know the love guru, how could he predict such a thing? Caleb took Calista’s hand, and a jolt of electricity ran through her body. The two exchanged a glance, and Caleb cleared his throat. “It’s my prophecy. A human woman will come and change your life, and she shall be the only one to make you feel your heart beat again. My heart… I felt it the moment you moved in, Calista,” he explained. Calista’s eyes went blank. She was starting to feel afraid now, as the guru’s words of caution repeated in her brain. Caleb continued. “The only thing is… my promised one has to be like me. She has to become a vampire, in order to live eternally with me,” he spoke, as Calista felt like she was going to melt off of her chair. Eternity, she thought. Another word that the love guru used. Every word used by Caleb and the guru seemed to match up, and it was too crazy of a coincidence for Calista. She stood up, and Caleb followed. “Calista? Could you become a vampire, to be with me for eternity? You are my promised one, I know it. I must become your maker, you must become mine, and then our prophecy will be complete. I will never make another vampire, and you and I will live on forever at each other’s sides,” he prophesied, as Calista felt her entire body shiver.

006-do-you-need-to-think-lets-be-spontaneous-i-am-too-smitten-to-refuseCaleb turned away. “See? You’re not ready. This is what I said earlier, and I reiterate it now. You’re not ready to take the risk, Calista,” he said sadly, as Calista attempted to ignore her body shaking. Listen to your heart, she thought encouragingly as she looked at Caleb. He sighed. “Don’t you feel that electricity between us? Don’t you feel the vibe, the energy, the crazy attraction? Don’t you want to experience what it is to be with me? The vampire? I know you can feel it, Calista; but I cannot force you before it is your time to enter my world,” he recited slowly and upsettingly, as Calista inhaled and exhaled quietly. She thought of everything he said and couldn’t stop herself from smiling. Yes, I feel all of those things.

Before she could stop herself, Calista leaned in and kissed Caleb.
The sensations her body went through next were like nothing she had ever felt before; the shaking stopped and was replaced by passionate waves of exaltation. She felt at ease, at peace and happy, with a strange warmth navigating through her blood stream and diving right into her heart, fueling it with something unknown and mysterious, yet hot and exciting. Is this love or something? She pulled away and blinked, unsure of what had just happened. Caleb smiled. “Did you feel that? Become mine, and that sensation will be multiplied. This isn’t a trap, Calista. This is real. We are soulmates, and if you give yourself to me, you will feel the pull as much as I do. We will be a team, we will become one. Calista,” he whispered in Calista’s ears, making the hairs all over her body straighten up. Calista had no clue what was happening, but she had never felt stronger in her life.

She kissed him again, just to feel the warmth of him against her once more; to sense her blood flowing crazily once more. She needed something to help her make a decision: should I become a vampire? Should I embrace my potential eternal future, predicted by the guru and now by Caleb himself? She was truly hesitant; after all, becoming a vampire would change her lifestyle completely. She knew she’d still be able to be a blogger, but she wouldn’t be able to investigate during the day anymore; she’d have to decline all invitations to restaurants, as she wouldn’t be able to eat regular food anymore; and she’d probably develop strange powers that would exclude her from the rest of the human population. Caleb pulled away from her embrace. “Yes, Calista. All of this and more. But you’ll be eternal. And you’ll be with me,” he added, spicing up the deal.
Calista hestitated, and then slowly nodded. “I… I don’t think I can refuse you, Caleb. What do I need to do?” she asked. That’s it: I sealed my fate. Am I actually going to become a vampire?

Caleb positioned Calista in one spot and then backed about a foot away. “You agree to this? To all of it? There are terms,” he clarified. Calista knew that if she waited to long to reply, she’d hesitate and change her mind. No turning back. I’ve already said yes. She nodded. “What are the terms?” she asked. Caleb smiled. “I am your maker, which means I can sense you when you’re near, sometimes when you’re far, and I’ll know if you’re up to no good. We do not eat or drink humans, and I’ll help provide you with plasma at first, until you know where to get it for yourself. You respond to me, and to me only; no matter what other vampires you come across, your obligations are towards me only. You’re free, but if I come knocking I expect to spend time with you and I don’t like to be refused,” he stated. Calista nodded, robotically accepting his terms. He then lifted his hands up, moved his fingers around, and some strange, powerful waves escaped from his palms. “Alright, now for the phases of transformation. First, I must hypnotise you a little, to make sure you don’t change your mind halfway through the process,” he started.

Calista felt her mind and body go numb; although she was conscious, she felt that she wasn’t in control of her limbs or of her brain. She sensed another presence in the room; Lilith had turned up to watch the procedure, rooting for her brother and his “soulmate”. Caleb breathed in and continued. “Now, put your mind at ease, and let my voice guide you through the rest of this transition, okay?” he asked, and Calista nodded absent-mindedly, not really sure what she just agreed to.

Caleb tilted Calista’s head to the side, and approached his mouth to her neck. “Now, I’m going to bite you and drink from your blood. I know this sounds contradictory to my own beliefs, but this is part of the transformation process. To bond with you, to connect my soul with yours eternally, I must drink from you. But this is the only time I will ever do that, so stand still and it’ll be over quickly,” he explained. And under the watchful eye of big sister Lilith, Caleb sunk his teeth into Calista’s neck and began to drink from her. It was an odd sensation: as if someone was sucking through Calista’s skin and slowly draining her, yet she wasn’t feeling weakened or hurt in any way. A vampire is drinking my blood, she thought, wanting to panic; she then remembered that she wasn’t supposed to move, so she stood calmly, waiting for the next step of the process.

After a few minutes, Caleb delicately pulled away and wiped his mouth. “Delectable, but I understand why I never drink from humans,” he spoke mysteriously. He then stuck out his right arm and looked at Calista. “Now, my darling, to finalize the conversion, you must drink my blood. Once the vampire blood flows through your veins and mixes in properly, the transformation will be complete; that takes a little longer, but this part at least seals the deal,” he ordered. He motioned for Calista to put her mouth on his arm, and once she had, he encouraged her to dig her teeth into him. “You’ll have to bite hard, as you don’t have vampire teeth yet,” he instructed, as Calista obeyed. She felt like she was about to bite into a chicken thigh, and hated the image it gave her; but she looked up at Caleb as she silently started sucking up his blood, and his reassuring glance made her relax. His blood didn’t taste anything like she expected it to; it was almost bland and tasteless, but there was something almost fruity or sugary about it.

Caleb pulled her off his arm and flinched as he magically healed the bite mark. The hypnotic spell on Calista suddenly disappeared, and she felt that she was in control of herself again. What have I done? she questioned, doubting herself. Caleb frowned. “It’s too late now, my love. The process has begun. Don’t you feel it?” he spoke softly. Calista was about to shake her head, to say no; but out of no where, her stomach started grumbling and a sharp, deep pain appeared all over her belly. Ouch!

Calista froze. Oh no. I am going to become a vampire.
Caleb erased his frown and kissed Calista’s hand. “As I said, my love; this wasn’t a trick, and believe me, you won’t regret this. I must leave; you must go through this transformation on your own. Come find me once you are completely vampirized – and trust me, you’ll know when you are,” he said as he blinked once and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Calista checked behind her, and realized that Lilith was gone too. Calista was all alone.

She sat on the couch and held her stomach. The pain was unbearable, and she wondered if something had gone wrong. Why am I in so much pain? she asked herself. Caleb was nowhere to be found, and Lilith left the premises as well, leaving Calista alone with her mountains of questions. She wasn’t sure if she had made the right choice; she chose to follow her heart, which was beating for Caleb, instead of listening to her logic, and now here she was: sitting on Caleb’s couch after drinking his blood and suffering through a horrible, vampiric stomach ache. I need to get out of here, she realized.

Calista ran out of Caleb’s house, hoping she would get back into her own home before the sunrise. She wasn’t sure if she would be affected by the sun yet; she wasn’t fully vampire, but she didn’t want to take the risk.
Her stomach ache suddenly disappeared; and she found herself smiling as she ran up her driveway. I have found love, she remembered. Caleb was her soulmate, the love of her life. It was sudden, strange and nothing like she imagined it would be, but she had finally found something worth wile. I just had to become a vampire to obtain it, she remembered.