A little background information before I start uploading post after post of pictures and ridiculously long descriptions to go with them.

This blog was initially created with the idea of showing a story – the story of a mother who lost her husband and is now struggling to move forward in life with her teenage daughter.

This husband, who died, was in truth murdered – and now his wife thinks she may be in danger, as well as their daughter. Is there anywhere to run when you know someone may be after you and your loved ones? Who can you trust? Who can you turn to?
The mother runs away with her daughter and seeks shelter with her younger sister; sister who just so happens to be rich. Famous from a multi-faceted career in show-business – with a few secrets that I’ll share throughout the story – the sister obviously takes in her sibling and niece, regardless of past family issues and disagreements. She won’t let anyone harm those she loves.
But the town the rich and famous sister lives in isn’t an ordinary town. It’s filled with interesting neighborhoods, beautiful houses that are architecturally breathtaking, and people who don’t always seem normal. There is no mayor – just a real-estate business owner who dabbed herself the “queen” of the town. To arrive here, one must be approved by the “queen”: she can agree to let you stay in town, which means she’ll set you up with a gorgeous domaine in one of her approved neighborhoods; she can decline, which sends you packing elsewhere; or she can make the worst decision of all and send you and your family into the worst part of town: the slums.
The desperate mother and her daughter must seek approval from the real-estate queen in order to gain complete security from outside dangers – and the sister will do almost anything to help them succeed. Including exchanging secrets, lying, cheating, betrayals of all sorts: anything.
This is where everything gets interesting, as there is a web of other betrayals, binding pacts, hired spies (and undercover ones, too) and secrets, all hiding in this extraordinarily normal looking city. And guess what? Everything is linked, in one way or another, to the real-estate queen.
So the main story on this blog is this one: the mother, the sister, the daughter – and their relations with the real-estate queen. But there will be episodes about many other families and their adventures – which are all somehow tied in to the main situation.

Fun, right? It may all seem confusing right now, but once I start posting it all, everything will come into perspective. This town has issues, and the main question is: why?
Eventually answers will appear, through reading all the stories, getting to know the characters and discovering clues; just remember that anyone can be bad or good, if not both. Everyone’s motives are questioned, as anyone could be secretly working for someone else – and not necessarily for the real-estate queen.
I’ll post a few character descriptions before the stories appear, so that you can familiarize yourself with the various important people featured in these stories, don’t worry.

I will also have a side-story about a fashion blogger and her adventures! She’s somewhat tied into the main story as well, but no links to the real-estate queen what-so-ever. Her story will probably show up first, as I’ve already captured many interesting moments for her; and hers will be an ongoing story that I will update, as it will be ever-growing! Kind of like a blog within a blog… since she’s a blogger 😉

Anyway, there you have it: these will be the main ideas posted here. I will probably have new families popping up as The Sims creators add more games, packs and features; I’m trying to cover every career and eventually all sorts of personality types.

Please feel free to leave me comments about the characters; your favorites, your least favorites, things you’d like them to do, conclusions you’ve come to, what you think will or should happen next, ideas of other characters you may like to see… as long as you keep it polite and positive. I will not respond to negativity.

Happy reading & Happy simming 🙂